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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Comments Are Now Closed

Because of the enormous amount of spam, comments are now closed.  We do not have the time to moderate spam.  If you would like to interact with us, you can follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook.  Thank you. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Barefoot Sandals Are Hot!

Check out these newest beauties at Francesca Fine Jewelry!  Barefoot Sandals are all the rage, and they are here to stay!  Very popular, and they are selling like hotcakes.  Our Barefoot Sandals are unlike any other.  Others are made with elastic.  Ours are made with chain.  Chain is much more sensual around the ankle and foot.  Barefoot Sandals can be worn with everything from dress to jeans to shorts to bathing suits.  They look great on bare feet, with flip flops, and with flats and pumps.  Check out our Barefoot Sandals page to see all the ways they can be worn, with lots of pictures with different ideas.  Barefoot Sandals aren't just for the summer.  They are worn all year round, especially when paired with shoes for those dressy occasions.  Brides also take note!  Our pearl Barefoot Sandals look great for beach weddings.  Check out our assortment of Barefoot Sandals today! 

Watch our video of Barefoot Sandals with some great Beach Boys music!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Celtic Jewelry & It's Meanings

Sterling Silver Celtic knot cuff bangle bracelet
With it's intricate designs and patterns, and meaning behind each piece, Celtic jewelry is a special jewelry line that many people appreciate and desire. Celtic jewelry is unlike other jewelry, as there are meanings attached to the jewelry. Celtic knots, also called endless knots or mystic knots, are a set of overlapping and interwoven knots that have no beginning and no end. Some types of Celtic knots are the Triquetra, also called the trinity knot, and the love knot, also called the eternity knot. Celtic knots are very popular choices when buying Celtic jewelry.
Also popular is jewelry with the Claddagh symbol on it.  Claddagh rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings are always big sellers in Celtic jewelry. Claddagh rings that have the Celtic knot design symbolize eternal and undying love. Claddagh rings are exchanged by the bride and groom in wedding ceremonies to signify fidelity and a never ending commitment. Celtic Claddagh jewelry is also given to friends as a symbol of friendship and loyalty.
Necklaces and pendants are also important parts of a Celtic jewelry collection. A pendant may depict the image of Celtic figures such as a Celtic cross, serpent or dragon. Such symbols have deep spiritual and religious meaning, and it is one of the main reasons why Celtic jewelry is such a popular accessory for women as well as men.
A person does not have to be Irish or Scottish or to have any other Celtic connection in order to appreciate Celtic jewelry. Whether buying for yourself or given as a gift, Celtic jewelry is both beautiful and unique. Men and women of all ages wear Celtic jewelry, not only for their beauty and uniqueness, but also for their symbolism and metaphysical connotations.
Francesca Fine Jewelry sells Celtic jewelry for women as well as men.  Their celtic wedding bands for men and women, and matching wedding rings are very popular sellers.  Francesca Fine Jewelry's Celtic jewelry comes in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold.  You can find all their Celtic jewelry at